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Chapter 16. Different Strokes for Differ... > Make Your Team Self-Motivating - Pg. 203

Different Strokes for Different Folks 203 Enthusiasm is the secret ingredient of success of the most successful people as well as the generator of happiness in the lives of those who possess it. Norman Vincent Peale summed it up: "What goes on in the mind is what determines the outcome. When an individual really gets enthusiasm, you can see it in the flash of the eyes, in the alert and vibrant personality. You can see it in the verve of the whole being. Enthusiasm makes the difference in one's attitudes toward other people, toward one's job, toward the world. It makes the big difference in the zest and delight of human existence." For example, the first phase of the new project requires the time consuming and dull job of re- searching through several data banks. Most team members dreaded this tedious, but necessary, job. To generate some enthusiasm the team leader divided the work into segments and set time limits for completing each segment. He offered a prize to the team member who came up with the most valuable information from the data bank in each segment within the time allotted. Meeting this challenge made the work more fun, and they tackled it enthusiastically. Give the team members an opportunity to learn as much as they can about the subject. Learning leads to knowledge and often engenders excitement about the matters learned. When a subject is mastered, people become more enthusiastic about it. Give the team a pep talk. For years coaches have been giving pep talks to inspire their teams. When you feel the team needs an extra push to accomplish a mission, give them a pep talk. Help the Team Collaboratively Set Goals As noted previously in this book, one of the key ingredients to team success is setting and working toward goals that have been collaboratively established by the team. Team Terms