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Chapter 16. Different Strokes for Differ... > Giving Recognition to Individuals - Pg. 199

Different Strokes for Different Folks 199 FYI Some supervisors fear that giving praise indicates softness on their part. "We don't want to coddle our subor- dinates." Praise is not softness--it's a positive approach that reinforces good performance. When you stop thinking of your team members as subordinates and instead think of them as partners working to reach team goals, appropriate praise will become a natural part of your behavior. Florence faced this situation in her team of word processors. Several marginal operators had the attitude that as long as they met their quotas, they were doing okay. Praising them for meeting quotas only reinforced their belief that nothing more was expected of them. Criticism of their failure to do more than the quota required was greeted with the response, "I'm doing my job." Florence decided to try positive reinforcement. She gave one of the operators a special assignment for which no production quota had been set. When the job was completed, Florence praised the employee's fine work. She followed this practice with all new assignments and eventually had the opportunity to sincerely praise each of the word processors. Make Praise Effective