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Chapter 25. Cross-Functional Teams > Creating the Team - Pg. 328

Cross-Functional Teams 328 Because any new product or service must be looked at from all angles, the team will have members drawn from engineering, finance, marketing, and manufacturing or, in a service business, opera- tions. Each can contribute his or her expertise to the analysis and make recommendations to senior management. Participation in this team takes relatively little time from the members' regular assignments, and they continue to serve in their regular teams or departments. Creating the Team When a cross-functional team is formed, the members are usually chosen by a member of man- agement to whom all of the departments from which members will be selected report. This often is the CEO or an executive vice president. Heads Up! Don't keep picking the same people to serve on part-time teams. It's not fair to their regular team leader, and it's not fair to them. Give others the opportunity to serve.