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Chapter 25. Cross-Functional Teams > Completing the Assignment - Pg. 335

Cross-Functional Teams 335 W. Edwards Deming, the guru of the Total Quality Management concept, commented that "80 percent of American managers cannot answer with any confidence these seemingly simple questions: 'What is my job? What in it really counts? How well am I doing?'" In the Sweet Sixteen project, Karen and her team set standards for each phase. Some examples follow: · The sales segment of the project will have been completed when kits containing sample bottles, descriptive literature, price lists, and co-op advertising offers were satisfactorily completed. Time frames were established for each phase. · The marketing segment of the project will have been completed when an estimated sales report by region has been compiled; advertising copy written, approved, and space purchased in mag- azines; endorsements by "teen idols" contracted; and a co-op advertising program for retailers prepared for the sales reps. · The distribution segment of the project will have been completed when a delivery schedule from the manufacturer to our distribution center has been finalized, arrangements made for shipping and transportation to wholesale warehouses and major retail distribution centers, and time schedules solidified so customers will have merchandise available for sale at the time the ad- vertising campaign is launched. By developing criteria that can be measured and integrated with appropriate time schedules, the team can keep control over its activities and make corrections when called for. "We did it! What now?" As in any project snags and unexpected developments occur. But by factoring these probabilities