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Chapter 25. Cross-Functional Teams > Barriers to Cross-Functional Teams - Pg. 331

Cross-Functional Teams 331 To overcome some of these barriers to team success, members must first become aware of their own negative behavior patterns and take steps to learn and use different approaches to team ac- tivity. FYI It's normal for members to carry over into a cross-functional team the philosophy and behavior developed in their regular teams. Team leaders must recognize this and show the members that, although the teams' goals may differ, they are still working for the same organization. To accomplish what the organization desires, they must rethink their perception of their roles and change behavior accordingly. So, How Do We Solve Them? Building team spirit in a cross-functional team is not much different from building team spirit in any team, with a few additions. If you are team leader of such a team, here are some suggestions: 1. 2. Review all of the previous chapters. They're loaded with ideas on building a collaborative team. Once the team develops its goals, the team leader should draw out from each member his or