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Chapter 25. Cross-Functional Teams > Creating the Team - Pg. 329

Cross-Functional Teams 329 · Select the best candidate.From the various sources used, select several prospects in each function. Review their records. Interview them. Talk to their team leaders. Pick the ones you feel can contribute the most to the team's mission. · Persuade the team leader.Team leaders are often not willing to release any of their valuable members--even for short-term assignments. Successful team members are usually busily en- gaged in work for their regular teams. Taking them away from it cannot help but affect the team's productivity. The senior executive to whom this new team will report should discuss the assignment with the team leader of the prospective member's current team. This delicate job should not be done by the new team's leader. It needs the clout of the senior manager. Point out the importance of the assignment. Specify how much time will be needed away from the regular work. If necessary, agree to provide a temp worker or in some other way help the leader make up for lost production. · Persuade the member.Members chosen for part-time teams are not necessarily thrilled. It means more work and it rarely, if ever, leads to more money. Explain the team's mission to the prospect; show how important it is to the company. Emphasize how much fun the job is, and what it will mean to his future in the company and his career. Develop Collaboration When any new team is formed, it takes time to develop that spirit of collaboration that is essential for it to succeed. In a cross-functional team, this is even more difficult, as the members come from different departments, have different backgrounds, and think differently from one another.