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Chapter 25. Cross-Functional Teams > Forming Teams for Special Projects - Pg. 327

Cross-Functional Teams 327 Team Builder In creating a temporary cross-functional team, make sure each member knows the capabilities of the other members and feels free to call on them for help when needed. In the week before the move, all desks, equipment, and other items to be moved were labeled and coded. Locations in the new building were numbered, and employees were given maps showing where to report on Monday. On Friday evening, the team checked everything at both facilities, and on Saturday the movers moved the furniture to the new location. On Sunday a team of workers put everything in place, and on Monday morning, everybody reported to the new building and was ready to work a normal workday. A week after the move, the team met for the last time to summarize its work and make a final report to Mr. Simmons, who thanked them and dissolved the team. Members returned to their regular work with a feeling of satisfaction about their accomplishments. What did we learn from the Simmons experience? When a group of dedicated members collaborates with each other--even in areas that are outside of their regular activities--seemingly difficult and complex tasks can be accomplished.