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Chapter 4. Communication: The Lifeblood ... > Listening: More Than Just Hearing - Pg. 40

Communication: The Lifeblood of Team Success 40 Team Terms The halo effect: If you greatly admire the speaker, you put a figurative halo over his or her head and are inclined to accept whatever he or she says. The opposite is called the pitchfork effect (the symbol of the devil). If you fervently dislike the speaker, you'll discount anything that's said. The way we use our body is influenced by our cultural or ethnic background, the way our parents expressed themselves nonverbally, and other individual experiences. Body language differs from one person to another. Some gestures--a nod or a smile--may seem universal, but not everyone uses body language in the same way. When you're dealing with a specific person, you can't be sure that he or she is giving signals you have come to expect. FYI