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Chapter 4. Communication: The Lifeblood ... > You Think You're Communicating—But A... - Pg. 44

Communication: The Lifeblood of Team Success 44 Biases also affect the way subject matter is received. People turn a deaf ear to opposing viewpoints concerning matters about which they have strong feelings. Carol is a good example of such a per- son. As company controller, she is fixated on reducing costs. She won't even listen to any discussion that might increase costs no matter what the long-term benefits may be. Be Aware of Your Emotional State Did you ever have a bad day? Of course, we all do. And on one of those bad days, one of your team members comes to you all excited about a new idea. How do you react? Probably, you think, "I have enough on my platter now, who needs this?" Your mind is closed and the message doesn't come through. Heads Up! Perception is reality in the mind of the perceiver. Unless your perception and team members' perceptions of a situation are congruent, you will be working at cross-purposes. It works both ways. An important assignment comes up and you go over to two of your team mem-