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Chapter 4. Communication: The Lifeblood ... > The Team That Talks Together Walks T... - Pg. 39

Communication: The Lifeblood of Team Success 39 Once the team members recognize and accept that their input is not only welcome but is sincerely encouraged, the quantity and quality of their ideas will increase significantly. Communications: A Two-Way Radio On one radio a person sends a message; the person on the second radio receives it. At any time, however, the roles can be reversed. The receiver becomes the sender, the sender the receiver. They talk back and forth. Heads Up! Don't be like Samuel Goldwyn, the movie mogul who once said, "I don't want to be surrounded by yes-men. I want people to express their opinions--even if it costs them their job." Effective communication requires that the receiver gets that message clearly and understands it. As with a radio, interference may distort the communication, causing the receiver to misunderstand what is being sent. The sender may not realize that the message is not being received as intended.