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Chapter 4. Communication: The Lifeblood ... > The Team That Talks Together Walks T... - Pg. 37

Communication: The Lifeblood of Team Success 37 Team Terms Communication takes place when persons or groups exchange information, ideas, and concepts. Now visualize an office where seven team members are seated at desks and tables. Computer screens are flashing, telephones are ringing. Some get up and talk to other associates, in twos or threes or more. Chaos? Not at all. They are engaged in projects in which intrateam communica- tion is essential. Result: not just a smooth-working team, but an innovative, enthusiastic crew. The Interactive Workplace Scott Adams, who worked in his cubicle at a major corporation for many years before becoming a world-famous satirical cartoonist, has poked fun in his "Dilbert" comic strip at the foibles and idio- syncrasies of corporate America. One of his chief targets of ridicule is the partitioned cubicle in which a great percentage of employees in the lower levels of the corporate structure work. Why cubicles? They do serve a functional purpose. Before the cubicles existed, most office em-