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Part: 3 Can't We All Just Get Along? - Pg. 107

107 Part 3. Can't We All Just Get Along? Wouldn't it be great if everybody on the team were dedicated workers, cooperative partners, and fun to be with every day? There are some teams like that, but unfortunately, most teams have their share of members who don't pull their weight, who can't get along with other members, and who make life miserable for everybody. Probably the biggest challenge to a team leader is to bring together a group of diverse human beings -- each with his or her idiosyncrasies -- and mold them into a collaborative team. In this section, we'll examine the myriad problems facing the team leader in molding a group of individuals into a smooth working team. In most teams, members are cooperative and diligent, but there are often those who present prob- lems. Some members don't perform up to expectations; some are sensitive and temperamental; some are too self-centered. Some are just unhappy. Some are stressed or burned out. Some just can't get along with others. There's hope for many of these people. You'll learn some tips and techniques on how to salvage them. But you can't always win. Some are beyond hope. You'll learn how to deal with that, too.