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Chapter 14. Bye-Bye Buddy > Surviving Downsizing: Tips for Team Members - Pg. 179

Bye-Bye Buddy 179 Team Builder One way to help employees cope with downsizing and reorganization is to institute stress reduction programs. Also, let team members know that, as business improves, temporary, and eventually permanent, staff members will be added to the team to ease the workload. As a team leader, you must do your best to protect your team. Jeremy was a team leader who handled this well. After his team reorganized and was moving along satisfactorily, he met with his boss, Sheila, and brought her up to date on his team's progress. He pointed out that any further layoffs would make it impossible to meet company goals. He asked what more he could do to protect his team from future downsizing. Sheila commented that the company was now over the hump and moving ahead. She assured him that further downsizing was unlikely, and she was confident that his team members were secure unless circumstances got much worse than was anticipated. Jeremy reported this to his members and although the concern about layoffs wasn't completely gone, it became less dominant in their thinking. "More work for me."