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Chapter 14. Bye-Bye Buddy > When a Team Is Downsized - Pg. 176

Bye-Bye Buddy 176 Effect on Remaining Members Whenever a member resigns, there will be some disruption of the team. In addition to the shifting of workloads and the breaking in of a replacement, there is the psychological impact on each person. Some members may just shrug their shoulders and get on with their jobs. However, there are others who may think, "If Gerri is getting more money in her new job, maybe I should see what I can get." Another member may realize that the real reason Tom quit was not that he wanted to go into another field, but that he was bored with this job--and "it's no longer a challenge for me either." FYI No law requires employees to give notice when they quit, but it is customary to give two weeks notice as that enables the team leader to make a smooth transition. In some cases, team leaders feel that the continued presence of a member who has given notice is disruptive to the team. If so, it's okay to arrange for an immediate separation. After a member quits, the team leader should take the time to speak to the others individually, probe them about any concerns they have, and work with them to alleviate sources of unhappiness. It may