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Chapter 14. Bye-Bye Buddy > Surviving Downsizing: Tips for Team Members - Pg. 180

Bye-Bye Buddy 180 Keep Up with the Technology In the dynamic world in which we live, things are always changing. This is obvious in technical and professional work, but all people--not just the knowledge workers--must keep up with the state of the art in their fields. Subscribe to journals in your field. Attend industry conventions and trade shows. Join and become active in a trade or professional association. Expand Your Job Take on added responsibilities outside of your regular work. Volunteer to work on special projects. Learn to perform work done by team members who are not in your specialty. Make yourself knowl- edgeable about every aspect of the team's work. Be Visible Many good team members are not known to anybody other than their team leader. When Tracey's team was consolidated with another team, her team leader was transferred to another location. In order to determine which of the members of her team to keep, the new team leader discussed the qualifications of each of the members of the old team with senior managers of the company. None of them really knew Tracey. Despite her good work, she was let go. To become visible, make sure that managers other than your team manager know you. One way to become visible is to speak up at meetings. Many people remain invisible because they are reticent to participate actively in meetings and keep their ideas to themselves. Another way is to volunteer for assignments that enable you to meet other team leaders and managers, such as projects that require interaction between teams.