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Chapter 14. Bye-Bye Buddy > “I quit.” - Pg. 175

Bye-Bye Buddy 175 Probe further to learn about how the team leader dealt with complaints. Some leaders tend to be defensive and take any complaint as a personal affront; others take time out to discuss even the most far-fetched grievances. It also helps learn the good points of each team leader so that they can be reinforced when you report back to the leader. Does your team leader tend to favor some employees or act unfairly to others? Favoritism on one hand and bias on the other are major causes of discontent. The question can also point up blatant areas of cronyism or, at the other extreme, prejudice and discrimi- nation. If this bias is based on racial, religious, national origin, gender, or age factors, it might alert you to serious potential legal problems and give the organization a chance to correct them. Questions to sum up the interview 3. If you could discuss with top management exactly how you feel about this company, what would you tell them? Heads Up!