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Chapter 14. Bye-Bye Buddy > “I quit.” - Pg. 172

Bye-Bye Buddy 172 Heads Up! Team leaders:Be alert to signs of discontent among your members. Take their threats to quit seriously. Try to identify the problem and deal with it before the member really starts to look for another job. Why Members Say "I Quit" You ask the member why he or she quit. Often your answer will be that it's for personal reasons. Carl decided to go back to college; Vicki's chosen to be a full-time mother; Sam's father's illness requires him to take over his business; Jane's spouse is transferred to another city. Or the answer indicates a career move. Ben has gone as far as he can in your company; Gerri is offered more money by another firm; an opportunity arises in a different field--one in which Tom is particularly interested. Hilary's going into her own business. But often the reason given is not totally true. Yes, Tom did go to an industry in which he has particular interest, but would he have made that decision if he were obtaining job satisfaction in his current job? Gerri's leaving for more money. Sure, she would like more money, but perhaps she wouldn't have even looked for a job if she were not unhappy with the way the team leader ran the team.