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Chapter 8. Be a Leader, Be a Coach > Mentoring: The Two-Sided Training Experien... - Pg. 95

Be a Leader, Be a Coach 95 Pep talks help push the team forward for the short term--and often that's enough to pull it out of a rut. For more lasting effect, keep the team alert to its progress. Praise every accomplishment, cel- ebrate reaching interim goals, give recognition to team members who do outstanding work. FYI B. F. Skinner, the eminent psychologist, proved in his experiments that by praising the good in people and ignoring the bad, the good is reinforced and the bad withers away. Good leaders recognize every improvement and good point. When special achievements are ac- complished, the leader praises the team and reiterates how the cooperative efforts of the team members contributed to the achievement. Erica Frost makes a practice of having an impromptu pizza or ice cream party when a significant part of a project is successfully finished. When a par- ticularly complex project is completed, she and her husband host a barbecue at their home for all members and their significant others. Successful coaches work with members to keep up their spirits when they are depressed, to retrain them when they need to hone their skills, to glory about their triumphs with them, and to build an esprit de corps in the team.