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Chapter 8. Be a Leader, Be a Coach > The Team Leader as a Coach - Pg. 92

Be a Leader, Be a Coach 92 Great leaders are not wishy-washy, easygoing characters or tyrants. They are neither ignored nor feared by team members. They have earned the confidence and respect of their team. The Team Leader as a Coach Probably the most challenging part of the leader's job is molding the individual team members into a dynamic, interactive, high performance unit. This is the main function of a coach of an athletic teams, and that's your job now. How to do it? By helping the members of the team develop their talents to optimum capacity. Keep your team alert to the organization's goals and to the latest methods and techniques that will enable them to reach those goals. Help them learn what they don't know and to perfect what they do know. Helping Team Members Take Charge of Their Jobs The team is made up of individuals. Each person in the team contributes to the success of the team's mission. To do that each member must be skilled in the work he or she performs and motivated to do it superbly. If team members were given more control over the work they do and encouraged to take charge of their jobs, they would have more interest, more commitment, and more enjoyment from their work. This leads to higher individual productivity and in turn to superior team performance. How can the leader/coach help members gain that control? These suggestions have worked for many leaders: FYI