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Chapter 8. Be a Leader, Be a Coach > The Team Leader as a Coach - Pg. 93

Be a Leader, Be a Coach 93 Cathy, team leader of a market development team, felt that one of her associates, Christine, was one of those persons. She set up a meeting with Christine and told her, "Your work is good, I have no complaints about it, but I know that you could and should do better. Had you been less bright, I would be satisfied with what you've been doing, but I see in you the capacity to be one of the very best people in this company. By being satisfied with mediocre performance, you're not aiming high enough. Let's together develop a plan to help you achieve what you are capable of achieving." They jointly set goals and a plan to reach them. Standards were established so they could measure how close Christine was getting to those goals. They met periodically to evaluate her progress. Within a few months, Christine was doing significantly more effective work and was on her way to an exciting and satisfying career. · Get the member to participate.As discussed earlier in this book, it has been shown that when people participate in decisions that affect them, they're more likely to work to achieve their goals. When a new project is assigned, instead of telling the assignees how to do it, work together with them in setting the procedures. Giving them some control over the way it will be done is another way of helping them take charge of their jobs. Heads Up!