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Chapter 8. Be a Leader, Be a Coach > What Makes a Leader? - Pg. 91

Be a Leader, Be a Coach 91 Heads up! In developing case studies, rather than use the generic cases you find in textbooks, create cases that are relevant to the job. Make them complex and challenging. Design them so that to solve them the team must work collaboratively. · Plan implementation.After a subject is covered, arrange for members to apply it on the job. Have them report on their experience at next session. What Kind of a Leader Are You? If you've been working for any length of time, you probably have had several bosses--each with his or her own style of managing. Most new leaders tend--consciously or subconsciously--to emulate the style of one of their former bosses. Let's look at two common leadership styles. The hard boiled supervisor:Terri Tompkins was tough. She believed that one had to crack the whip to get the work done. Her favorite expression was, "I'm the boss. You get paid to work, so get going." She rarely gave praise and often bawled out employees in front of the whole de- partment. She earned the sobriquet "Terrible Terri."