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Chapter 8. Be a Leader, Be a Coach > What Makes a Leader? - Pg. 90

Be a Leader, Be a Coach A cadet corps consists of a select group of men and women chosen (usually right from college) to undergo intensive training in management. 90 Every Team Member Is a Potential Leader In recent years the special management track has been supplanted by team development, in which training for management is open to any team member. And why not? Even the military has learned that graduation from military academies isn't essential for top leadership. (Two of the recent chair- men of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell and John Shalikashvili, weren't West Pointers.) Com- panies have recognized that latent leadership talent exists in most people and can be developed in them. In a well developed team, every team member will at some time be assigned a leadership role. It may be to head up a project or to chair a meeting. Not only does this give the member an opportunity to expand his or her skills, but such assignments are excellent training for promotion to team lead- ership and career advancement. However, just throwing the member into a leadership role without training is like trying to teach somebody to swim by throwing him into the pool. Many companies have their own formal leadership training programs and there are many such programs offered by training organizations. A list of organizations that provide training in leadership is included in Appendix B. Team Builder Rather than pinpoint one or two associates for leadership training, provide training for the entire team. Some members may not make the grade; others may not want to be leaders, but those with leadership potential will learn the basics and some may surprise themselves by recognizing talents for leadership they didn't know they had. The Training Process If you are going to conduct the training yourself, here are some suggestions: · Determine what you want to teach.From programs you have taken, select those areas you found most rewarding. Ask team members what they want to learn. · Plan the logistics.Determine how much time youcan allot, when is the best time, where the training should be given. · Decide who will do the training.Will you as team leader be the sole trainer? Will you invite other company personnel to help in the training program? Will you bring in outside experts? · Decide the best methods to use.Do your team members respond best to lecture and discus- sions? reading material? demonstrations? role plays? · Prepare training materials.Assemble audiovisual aids, articles, and books that will be helpful. Develop case studies and role plays, and computer or Internet supplements to the training.