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Chapter 8. Be a Leader, Be a Coach > What Makes a Leader? - Pg. 89

Be a Leader, Be a Coach 89 Heads Up! Don't get frozen by fear of failure, by worrying about the possibility of a negative result. Don't be afraid of looking bad or being embarrassed. If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to get out there and do it. One example: A large consumer products distributor hired a regional sales manager, about whom they were extremely enthusiastic. He had come to them highly recommended. During the selection process, he had impressed the interviewers with his thorough knowledge of their markets, his innovative ideas on how to increase business, and his charming personality. During the first several months on the job, he developed a creative and comprehensive mar- keting program. He spent weeks fine-tuning the program, writing materials and creating graphics for it, and making presentations to management and to his sales force. And that's where it ended. He never was able to actually get out and make the program work. He was one of those many people who are thinkers and creators, but do not have that key trait of leadership--getting things done. Training for Leadership