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Chapter 8. Be a Leader, Be a Coach > What Makes a Leader? - Pg. 87

Be a Leader, Be a Coach 87 Team Terms Being a leader is the art of guiding people in a manner that commands their respect, trust, confidence, and wholehearted cooperation. 3. 4. Outstanding leaders consider themselves a work in progress. Just as effective leaders are constructively discontented about their departments, they are never entirely satisfied with themselves. They attend seminars and self improvement pro- grams, purchase and listen to motivational tapes, and read books and periodicals to keep up with the state of the art in their fields and to improve their knowledge and understanding in a variety of areas. Great leaders don't limit their talents to their jobs. They take active roles in professional and trade associations, not only to keep in touch with new developments, but to share their ideas with colleagues from other organizations. They attend and participate in conventions and conferences and develop networks of people to whom they can turn to obtain knowledge or ideas over the years. Outstanding leaders demonstrate a good understanding of human nature. Great leaders understand people--what causes them to act and react the way they do. They make an effort to learn as much as they can about the members of their teams--not only about