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Part VI: Mega Motivation with Pictures o... > We Are Motivated by What We Are Miss...

Chapter 24. We Are Motivated by What We Are Missing

“I have the best nose money can buy,” Teri explained as she chuckled and slipped off her glasses so everyone in the seminar could get a good look at her nose. “You talk about being motivated by what you are missing. I am an example. I have a beautiful nose now, but this is not my original nose.”

Teri by a Nose

“You should have seen me when I was in school,” she explained. “As soon as I started first grade, I became self-conscious about my nose. It was big with a definite hook. Kids in my class called me ‘The Beak’ and ‘Honker.’ If I were to show you my school pictures, you’d see why the kids teased me. It was a major nose!

“Throughout my school years, it was all I thought about. I wore long bangs in a futile attempt to detract from it. I begged to wear glasses. I did everything I could to make my nose less noticeable. I used to dream what it would be like to have a small nose. I imagined striding into a room, shoulders back, chin up, flashing my new nose.

“Finally, when I was 25, my husband and I agreed I was going to have cosmetic surgery. At last, I was going to have the nose I had imagined for so many years. After the surgery, the doctor removed the bandages from my nose. I looked in the mirror. The skin was still tender and red, but I knew my nose was going to be beautiful! It was exactly the size and shape I had dreamed about since I was a kid!

“Only moments later as I held the mirror and admired my nose, I saw something that I had never, ever noticed before. Not my nose—my teeth. For the first time, I noticed the gap between my two front teeth. My dream of a beautiful nose had come true—yet within seconds, I forgot the nose I had been obsessed with for almost 20 years! Now, I was motivated by that gap between my two front teeth!”



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