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Chapter 5. Maintaining Good Mental Health > Reading Review Self-Test

Reading Review Self-Test

Test yourself by answering (T-true, F-false) after each statement. Answers will be found on the next page.

1. Not everyone recognizes the same circumstances as stressful. ___
2. Type B personalities are people with intense drive. ___
3. Type A personalities are more successful than Type B personalities. ___
4. A denial of our feelings when we are under stress is common. ___
5. Stress can have a direct physical effect on us. ___
6. Burnout is the logical conclusion of stress over a long period of time. ___
7. We should work to eliminate all of our stress. ___
8. Balancing one’s lifestyle to include play and diet control is simply a fad and not to be taken seriously. ___
9. The expression of feelings is usually a positive step toward mental health. ___
10. Patterns of how we relate to others can be changed easily. ___
11. Conflicts should always be avoided to maintain good mental health. ___
12. Finding somebody to be like is the best way to learn mental health. ___
13. A mentally healthy person should be expected to deal with all aspects of life competently. ___
14. The need to be appreciated is something we will outgrow. ___
15. Accepting myself may be the most important thing I can do in order for others to accept me. ___
16. Mental fitness is the ability to “cope” with the joys and sorrows of life. ___
17. The ability to accept emotional support from others is a sign of mental health. ___
18. Asserting oneself is a sign of a positive self-image. ___
19. Being “open” with another person is useful if you want to improve your relationship. ___
20. Goal setting is an important aspect in achieving mental fitness. ___



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