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Chapter 12. Achieving Desired Results: E... > Organizational Example: Empowering E...

Organizational Example: Empowering Employees

Questions: What do I want?
Mission: Increase employee empowerment to unleash creative problem solving (so that is implied in to)
Goal: Implement 10 new innovative product lines within one year
Standards: Products must conform to quality standards, have zero defects, and meet consumer safety standards; set weekly meeting expectations and boundaries of authority; write job descriptions and standards of excellence
Resources: 500K budget; training room; trainers; rewards
Empower: Decisions, planning, informing, developing, monitoring, rewarding, and feedback
Skills: Teach employees about empowerment, how to solve problems, be creative, and assert ideas
Action Plan: Set training schedule; product idea contest; implement reward system; weekly meetings; identify obstacles to performance and remove obstacles beyond the control of employees
Attitude: Inspire through encouragement; on-the-spot praise; coaching; mentoring program
Influence: Weekly one-on-ones with employees to guide progress
Test/Monitor: Implement plan and track progress
Creatively Tinker: Allow for creative play, discovery, and mistakes
Evaluate Results: Evaluate results against standards and goals
Rewards/Recognition: Give recognition; reward discoveries and effort, regardless of outcome
Learning Experiences: Share lessons with all; give feedback; look for serendipity; learn from mistakes
Inner Wealth: Gain satisfaction from the journey; begin again



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