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Chapter 12. Achieving Desired Results: E... > Personal Example: Losing Weight

Personal Example: Losing Weight

Questions: What do I want?
Mission: Lose weight so that I feel and look my best.
Goal: Lose 25 pounds in six months. Establish starting weight as a baseline measurement.
Standards: Lose weight without compromising health; improve muscle strength.
Resources: Buy book on dieting. Consult with nutritionist and doctor. Buy supplements and exercise video.
Empower: Take personal responsibility for making changes without excuses.
Skills: Learn about balanced diets, effective food combinations, and appropriate supplements.
Action Plan: Create a start date and plan for meals, supplements, and exercise.
Attitude: Focus on a long-term, lifestyle change. Give myself daily encouragement.
Influence: Control influence by controlling circumstances; cut back on restaurant eating; eat to taste.
Test/Monitor Plan: Implement plan; monitor weight-loss progress on scale weekly.
Creatively Tinker: Experiement with the plan as necessary if I plateau.
Evaluate Results: Measure result at end of six months; check energy levels and pounds.
Rewards/Recognition: Reward myself with a treat (new wardrobe? spa day? vacation?).
Learning Experiences: Learned what worked, how I overcame obstacles, and how to stay on track.
Inner Wealth: Increased self-esteem, pride, confidence, energy, increased opportunities, more fun.



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