Herbert S. Kindler, Ph.D., a former chief executive officer and professor emeri-tus, is currently the director of the Center for Management Effectiveness. He graduated from MIT and received his doctorate in management from UCLA. He conducts training programs internationally for major corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies on risk taking and leading change, managing disagreement and handling stress.

Risk taking is a process by which you decide whether to take the chance of losing something that you value to gain something that you desire. Often, these decisions must be acceptable to other stakeholders-individuals or groups with a stake in the outcome. For organizations, these include: customers, employees, work teams, shareholders, suppliers, and community officials.

Coverage includes—

  • To enable decision makers to choose which risks to pursue, and which to abandon or modify.

  • To explain strategies for successful risk taking that support constructive change.

  • To show how to assess risk-taking situations to improve gains, minimize losses and reduce uncertainty.

  • To guide readers in understanding their own risk-taking tendencies, patterns of risk preference, avoidance or neutrality.

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