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1: Which of the following indications can help you determine when to stop generating options?
  1. All the options are suggested.

  2. One of the current options is a satisfactory solution.

  3. The current list of options reflects creativity.

  4. The current list represents a broad range of options.

  5. The current list contains the obvious options.

2: What criteria should your description of an option’s consequences meet?
3: What can you identify from the description of an option’s consequences?
4: Select the steps for determining the consequences of a decision’s options.
  1. Think from a future perspective.

  2. Write a description.

  3. Question the option’s merits.

  4. Compare the consequences with objectives.

5: What is analysis paralysis?
6: List the steps to create a consequences table.
7: Icon International has always prided itself on being an “American” company. However, the increase in domestic costs in recent years is pushing for greater foreign involvement. Currently, Icon has some support facilities in Taiwan, but the majority of their workforce has been focused in the southwestern United States. In particular, Icon’s very effective 24-hour customer call center is located in Graytown, Arizona.

Graytown is a very small town whose struggling economy was revived by the arrival of Icon. However, Icon has been in discussions with a company located in India, which provides outsourced call center support for American companies. Although the workforce is very effective, the monthly labor costs for the 500 employees in Graytown are approximately $715,000. Cost estimates indicate that Icon could maintain the same number of labor hours in India for approximately $130,000 a month — a saving of $585,000.

Looking at the cost saving of approximately $7,020,000 a year, many executives think the decision to close the Graytown center is obvious. However, others anticipate that the negative PR associated with this decision could end up costing the company at least that much in lost sales and lowered customer perception.

The options available are to shift the call center overseas, to move some part of the work overseas without significantly reducing the workforce at Graytown, or to do nothing. Evaluate the options and identify the possible consequences of the options.

Use this space to make notes and outline the pros and cons of each option.



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