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1: Watch the movie and answer the following questions.

What technique are the employees using to improve their decision?

What was the problem with the presentations?

2: A decision was made six months ago by a project team at Icon International to move a customer service center from Graytown, Arizona, to an outsourcing company in India. The move has cut costs significantly, and the first year saving is expected to reach five million dollars. However, there has been some negative publicity about the move. A network television special aired recently that detailed the dramatic economic decline of Graytown and impacted the public’s perception of Icon as a corporate citizen. At this point, it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen as a result of the outsourcing decision. However, the end results are not expected to be quite as positive as expected.

If you were the leader of the project team that made the decision, discuss what you and your team should focus on to determine ways to be more effective in the future. Your discussion should focus on:

  • Applying the guidelines for reviewing your decisions

  • Avoiding common pitfalls while reviewing your decisions

  • Examining your own decisions

  • Applying the actions for learning from the experiences of others

3: The feelings of _____ and _____ can greatly inhibit people’s ability to learn from their decisions.
4: Charles and Juliet are meeting in Juliet’s office.

Charles: (Angry) Can you believe it? Mr. Rollin gave the Greenway project to Jason.

Juliet: Why should that surprise you? Jason’s worked hard to get some of the larger projects.

Charles: It’s just not fair! I’ve been here longer, and I should get some of the important projects, too.

Juliet: Jason has earned those projects. Anyway, didn’t you have trouble with the last two projects you worked on?

Charles: Yes, but the problems were out of my control. How could I have known the resources would cost so much?

What pitfall of decision making can you identify with Charles?

In your opinion, which is a more important factor while deciding to allocate projects in an organization, the number of years of experience in an organization or the number of successful projects in a person’s career?



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