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1: You’re a Project Manager whose employment has recently been terminated at Icon International. After working for the company for five years, two of which were as a manager, you’ve been offered a severance package of four week’s pay and two outplacement counseling sessions. However, you’ve postponed signing an agreement to accept this offer.

You’re given an opportunity to conduct a negotiation with the management. Prior to the meeting, you presented them with a proposal for what you believe is a more equitable severance package as a starting point for negotiations.

This is the proposal that you’ve presented:

I was sought by Icon at a time when I was a high-ranking and distinguished manager at another company. In addition, I feel that my work at Icon has been superior, and therefore my severance pay should reflect my true value. I expect an enhanced compensation package that includes:

  • One month’s pay for every year I have been with the company

  • Transfer of ownership to me of my Icon-provided cellular phone and laptop computer

  • Ninety days of full employer-paid insurance coverage

  • A minimum of four outplacement counseling sessions

  • A letter of recommendation

Now, you’re in a meeting with the management. What contingent agreements can you provide to improve the decision’s outcome?

2: Which phrase best describes a contingent agreement?
  1. Concerted efforts

  2. “If…then” statements

  3. “Win-win” outcomes

  4. Variable negotiations

3: Making an informed decision is one benefit of gathering data. What is the other benefit?
  1. Making calculated compromises

  2. Developing a win-win attitude

  3. Eliminating conflict

  4. Building trust

4: In this scenario, you’re the head of the training department of one of the leading insurance companies. The company has 100 offices all over the world, with 20,000 employees. You need to upgrade the skill levels of the existing employees to increase productivity. A reputable training company with a detailed competency development proposal has approached you. You’re impressed with their proposal. However, before signing a contract, you need to gather information about the company. Next to each method of gathering information, list the kinds of things you might learn while gathering information.



Communicating with the other party

Word of mouth


5: Gathering relevant information can help improve decision outcomes. How?



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