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1: The directors of Icon International are asked to decide whether they should construct a new office building or rent a building.

Form six groups. The instructor will act as a discussion facilitator.

The instructions for the six groups are given below:

Group 1: Define the problem. Explain your objectives and the possible alternatives.

Group 2: Gather information that will reduce uncertainty. For example, the real-estate value of the chosen place might be so large that constructing a new building will be impossible.

Group 3: Make a list of your most significant future decisions and other decisions that might be affected by these decisions. For example, if the decision is to construct the building, you should consider whether the construction should be given to a contractor or not.

Group 4: Explain how you can define connections by using timelines and decision charts. Draw a timeline and a decision chart for the problem.

Group 5: Make an initial decision. This can be either to construct an office building or to rent one.

Group 6: Address future decisions. With the rest of the directors, discuss the impact of the decision.

Each group needs to perform the assigned tasks in the sequence of their group number. For example, Group 2 will start with its assigned tasks only after Group 1 has completed defining the problem and explaining the objectives and the possible alternatives. However, when a group is performing its assigned tasks, the groups can intervene, if they think that the current group is not performing correctly.

2: What should you identify when you define the components of a decision?
  1. Elements that will not affect the decision

  2. Elements that will affect the decision’s consequences

  3. Elements that will create positive effects

  4. Elements that will create negative effects

3: Which one of the following defines the connections between decisions?
  1. Ratios

  2. Scenarios

  3. Timelines

  4. Analysis

4: How is a timeline helpful in making linked decisions?
5: What is the sequence of steps you should use to manage linked decisions?
6: Explain the process to create a decision chart.



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