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1: You have just graduated from college. Now, you need to decide either to go for higher studies or to search for a job. Determine the nature of the decision by answering the following questions:

What is the core issue?

Can I draw on any decisions I have made in the past that are similar to the current decision?

How does the current decision differ from similar decisions I have made in the past?

What strengths and weaknesses do I possess that are relevant to this decision?

Should I make this decision alone, or should a group make it?

Should I seek others’ point of view on this issue? If so, whose?

How is this decision affected by other decisions, and how will it affect future decisions?

2: Using your answers from question 1, create a list of objectives for the decision by following the steps for establishing objectives.
3: Watch the movie and then answer the following questions.

What objective needed to be accomplished?

How did the presence of established objectives help the employee describe the reasoning used to reach a conclusion?

4: Icon International supplies mobile multimedia to Detroit Auto, which is currently in the process of reducing its number of suppliers. Icon’s five-year contract with Detroit Auto is up for renewal in 18 months. Icon needs to increase quality and assure on-time delivery by keeping costs low to make sure that business with Detroit Auto is secured.

You are Icon’s production manager, and it is your responsibility to supervise line managers and monitor their adherence to customer quality standards and on-time delivery requirements.

Discuss how you’ll get the frontline employees to meet their deadlines in the upcoming months. The focus of the discussion should be on defining the situation, establishing a decision making process, allocating resources for that process, and stating clear objectives about what the company wants to accomplish.



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