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1: Which of the following actions can help you assess whether a decision frame is appropriate for a specific decision?
  1. Challenge your frame

  2. Look for as much data as possible

  3. Adopt others’ viewpoints

  4. Evaluate your objectives

  5. Seek others’ viewpoints

2: What are the actions taken to change decision frames?
3: What are the methods of combining viewpoints while changing a decision frame?
4: Which of the following actions can you take to analyze others’ decision frames?
  1. Change your decision frame

  2. Ask them to explain their decision frame

  3. Think about issues they emphasize

  4. Identify issues they ignore

  5. Examine the frames of your organization

5: In your opinion, why is it important to understand the decision frame of others? Discuss.
6: Icon International has acquired a new company. Although Icon has assured the new company that it will retain all employees working there, employees are still not very sure about their position. To bring about synchronization in the working style between Icon and the acquired company, Icon has decided to implement its policies and standards in the new company.

You are the HR Manager at Icon International who has been assigned the task of making employees aware of these standards. You need to make them understand that these standards are not meant to impede their working environment but will make their work smoother and easier.

One student will act as the HR Manager, while the rest of the class will form three groups. These groups will act as experts and suggest methods to implement the new policies and standards in a smooth way. The HR Manager will list the methods suggested by the expert groups on the whiteboard. Then, the volunteer will analyze the methods to decide on the best one. The HR Manager can question the experts regarding the methods suggested by them. Finally, the HR Manager needs to choose a method to implement and give reasons for choosing it.



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