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Tips for Reading and Negotiatinga Contract > Size Up the Publisher - Pg. 177

The Publishing Contract 177 Exhibits/Appendices. These terms are roughly synonymous and refer to any documents or agree- ments that are also a part of the main contract, but which are separated out and added on for convenience. Often a publisher's NDA will be attached as an appendix for you to sign. Another common use of the exhibit is to add specificity to a standard contract. If a company does a lot of the same transaction, with minimal variation, it may create a standard boilerplate contract and add an exhibit that states all of the specific terms (like royalty rate, intellectual property, platforms, and so forth). This is not likely to be the format of a AAA contract, but it is good to be familiar with the structure. Read the Contract. All of It Read it cover to cover. There is no substitute for knowing every last inch of your contract. It is valuable learning for your next negotiation, and I believe you cannot be a confident businessperson without a solid understanding of your main contracts. Contracts make the eyes glaze over-- this is natural--but an ounce of diligence is worth a pound of cure. If you are relatively new to the experi- ence, don't try to read it all in one sitting the first time. Read it slowly and carefully, especially the long paragraphs with lots and lots of commas--the lists are where landmines can be buried. Even- tually, you and your partners will need to read it all through at the same time to look for consistencies and inconsistencies. Note TIP Attorneys are not compilers: even thebest, most experienced attorney occasionally misses a point, and our favoriteclients are the ones who pipe up with a"Hey, what about...."