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Pitch Materials > Pre-Production Documents - Pg. 64

Financing a Game Development Venture Team 64 This is the most important part of your plan. List all of the members of your team, released games and sales of those games, genres, and platforms they have worked on, software they have worked with, and companies where they have worked. Give a history of the team as a whole in addition to each member specifically, in other words, how long the team has worked together, how many games they have released together, and so on. Competition Your competition falls into two categories, both of which should be discussed: competitors in the game development service business, and competitors for sales of the kind of game you are trying to make. Describe your competitors--both developers and games in the genre and on that platform competing for the same demographic. Remember to include internal development studios as well as external. If you do some digging around, you may be able to find out which major pub-lishers have similar releases coming out around the time you believe your game would be completed. If you are developing a technology, describe other products on the market and in development, what their market share is, and how you plan to compete. Costs Insert a detailed budget for development of the game with notations on underlying assumptions. If you are pursuing investment in the company, not just in a game, break out company overhead and discuss expansion plans (like a second team), if any. Be somewhat realistic to maintain the credibility of your numbers. Revenue Take a deep breath, because this will feel like a shot in the dark. It is okay if your revenue numbers