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Financing a Game Development Venture Note 63 TIP Many developers worry about having their ideas stolenduring the pitch process. It may be difficult to get aprospective investor or publisher to sign an NDA protecting your confiden- tiality--their position is thatthere are only a few basic plots and most pitches areso similar to one another that they would be made toovulnerable by NDAs.You can obtain some measure ofprotection by documenting your presentation andmailing a copy to your attorney by certified mail andinstructing her not to open it (clearly, you should consult with her first). Business Plan Writing a business plan is actually a great exercise for any company. It forces you to examine and quantify every one of your worst fears about the company, which has the effect of making them slightly less intimidating. It gets all of the founders discussing core strategies of the company. It vets problems that you might not have seen otherwise. It also sparks inspiration for problem solving in other areas. Note CAUTION Remember to mark the business planCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYat the top of every page and © 200 X [ Company name ]. All Rights Reserved. Your business plan may need to be tailored to one of two purposes: a plan to raise money for the company as a whole, including all future projects; or a plan to raise money for a particular project or property development. Publishers generally do not need to see your company's business plan. The business plan should include long-range goals, but is likely to be anchored around a proposal