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Letter from theSeries Editor > Letter from theSeries Editor - Pg. viii

Letter from theSeries Editor viii I just finished reading through the final version of this book and Ashley Salisbury has done a won- derful job of making such dry and tedious material interesting, fun, and engaging. Not to mention the poor editor, Sandy Doell, who had to translate a lot of the legal jargon. I demand that, if you have anything to do with business, licensing, or intellectual property, you read this book. If you don't learn something new, I will be very surprised. Ashley represents a very small group of lawyers in the country that knows anything about this kind of law and, moreover, can give practical advice on how to apply it in the form of a book that you don't need a law degree to understand. In closing, I highly recommend this book to everyone, even if you don't deal with business opera- tions, legal, or licensing--it's good stuff to know. In fact, there are a lot of companies I wish knew the difference between a copyright and a patent. Do you? If not, for that alone, please read this book! Sincerely, André LaMothe Series Editor Premier Game Development Series