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How Do You Protect Your Assets? > Enforcement - Pg. 160

A Primer on Intellectual Property 160 · To prevent gray marketing, schedule simultaneous releases in all countries speaking a given language. · Have your local manufacturers create box text and art customized for that country, ideally with the country name on the outside of the box to easily identify gray marketed goods if they turn up elsewhere. Table 5.5. Protections available by asset type Tools, Technology, Code Copyrights. Mark with copyright legend in code and on all media carrying the code. Register with Copyright Office using the trade secret registration. Trade Secrets. Mark all qualifying code and media carrying code with trade secret legends. Patents. Innovative software may qualify for patent protection. Best Practice: combine methods. Example: Register the game with the copyright office, using the trade secret application; maintain all code as trade secret. If a segment of the game code is particularly innovative, that may be patented without sacrificing the trade secret status of the rest of the game. All creations should have confidentiality and copyright notices embedded in their code. Register trademark name of the technology (like "Unreal Engine"). Design and Business Documents Copyrights. Should be marked with copyright legend. Can be registered, but may lose their trade secret protection. Best Practice: Trade Secret. Mark documents CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY and only disclose to parties under NDA. Art and Audiovisual Game Elements Copyrights. All material, registered or not, should bear copyright legend. Audiovisual elements of the game can be registered together with game code using Form TX by including a written synopsis of the