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Good Management Practices > Define Expectations - Pg. 88

Staffing Up 88 · Many development houses experience periodic "do-or-die" financial straits, leading to significant employee anxiety. The most common problems that developer CEOs cite are · · · · Facilitating communication between groups Keeping an eye on morale before flare-ups Managing the overlap between boss and friend Staffing up without risking layoffs Good Management Practices Every manager must find the style that works with a given group of employees, but there are certain constants: Communicate Short weekly status meetings among individual teams, team leaders, and the entire staff were cited by many developers as key to staying on schedule and maintaining a sense of cohesion. Another trick to good communication: clear e-mail protocols. See the contrast between disciplined and un- disciplined e-mail in this exchange between Jim and Micky. GOOD E-MAIL To: Necessary Person(s) Only Re: Art Schedule Revision Micky, BAD E-MAIL To: Entire Art Team Re: RE: RE: FWD: FWD [6] bowling? Micky,