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Glossary 247 COBRA Plan allowing departing employees to pay to continue coverage under the company's health plan, for a certain time period and under certain conditions. COI Certificate of Incorporation. Completion bond A bond issued by an insurance company to guarantee completion of a project by a contractor. Consideration Legal term for compensation that a party receives in exchange for its obligations under a con- tract. Content Intellectual property surrounding the story, audiovisual elements, gameplay, characters, and so forth. Corporate veil Legal protection of corporate owners and officers from personal liability for cor-poration's debts. Counterparty The "other guy" in a contract. Cross-collateralize Application of revenues from one product to recoup investment or losses in another. Cumulative voting A voting system allowing minority shareholders more power by consolidating all of their board of director votes for a single candidate, as opposed to having to divide their votes among dif- ferent candidates and seats. Damages