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A Primer on Intellectual Property Unpublished software should bear the following notice: Note 161 [COMPANY] CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY THIS WORK CONTAINS VALUABLE CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMA- TION. DISCLOSURE, USE OR REPRODUCTION WITHOUT THE WRITTEN AUTHORI- ZATION OF [COMPANY] IS PROHIBITED. THIS UNPUBLISHED WORK BY [COMPANY] IS PROTECTED BY THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES AND OTHER COUNTRIES. IF PUBLICATION OF THE WORK SHOULD OCCUR THE FOLLOWING NOTICE SHALL APPLY: "COPYRIGHT (c)20XX [COMPANY] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." Or, where space is too limited: Note THIS IS AN UNPUBLISHED WORK CONTAINING [COMPANY] CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. IF PUBLICATION OCCURS, THE FOLLOWING NO- TICE APPLIES: "COPYRIGHT (c) 20XX [COMPANY] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." These notices should be embedded in the header of all code modules during development as well as any other media in which the software appears, including labels and screen display of demon- strations. Once the game is published, copyright notices should be shown at the initial screen display of the game. The dates on the copyright notices should be the first year of copyright and updated to include every subsequent year of copyright, for example: "© 2000-2003 [Company]. All Rights Reserved." Patented technology should bear a legend of either "Patent Pending" if the application is pending or "Patent No.-----," as applicable.