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Development Procedures > Modifications - Pg. 189

The Publishing Contract 189 · Beta includes all of the alpha definition plus translations from the localization kit, containing some bugs but no known active level "A" bugs (those that will cause the game to crash or freeze). · Gold is the final version of the product delivered on a CD-ROM (specify the number of copies to be delivered) with the complete asset pack including all source code (organized in labeled files), art/cinematic/music files, and all necessary written documentation required so that a pro- grammer of reasonable skill can modify the game if necessary at a later date. Publisher Acceptance Once you meet a milestone, the publisher needs a certain amount of time to review it (ten days is sufficient) and either accept or reject it. Set out sufficient grounds for rejection, such as significant deviation from the milestone definition. It is important to establish what creative approval and input the publisher will have: if creative issues are a ground for rejection, set out a baseline so that you don't get a new producer mid-game who "just doesn't like" the previously established creative di- rection. Any rejection must be accompanied by a detailed set of fixes required for acceptance and a reasonable amount of time for you to make such fixes (30 days). It is reasonable for you to be entitled to two efforts to cure before the publisher can entertain termination. Note TIP For administrative facility,you will want the publisherto specify in the contract oneemployee (subject to changewith written notice from thepublisher) with the authorityto approve all milestones,and have the publisher sendthat name to you in writing. By laying out timelines and grounds for rejection, you can prevent two unpleasant situations: 1. Submitting a milestone on time and not getting paid for three months because the publisher