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The Publishing Contract 187 · Imputed fees for publisher assets and services. If a publisher wants to use its own assets to further the game, whether in-house attorneys and licensing staff to an engine, it may want to charge you an imputed fee for these items. Imputed means that there is no itemizable cost to point to, but there is value being exchanged that should be recognized and compensated. Note TIP A developer's strongest argumentagainst most of these expenses is thatthey are the pub- lisher's overhead andthat all overhead is covered by the(100 percent-developer's royalty) percentage the publisher receives. Shareddeductions are intended to protect thepublisher against its actual risks andcosts associated with your game.Youmay want to try and limit the amountof these expenditures by requiring thepublisher to provide you with timelydoc- umentation of the money spent. Sequels Sequels are closely related to any discussion of the term because they act as extensions. Sequel rights can prolong a relationship, so it is wise to build in assurances that the extension will benefit both parties. In a work for hire, the sequel rights at issue are usually for the right to be the devel- opment house on any sequels. This is usually included as a right of first negotiation or a right of last refusal. If the original developer does not want to work on the sequel, the publisher may want some kind of follow-up support for any third-party developers. Note TIP Create a cap, whether in hoursor otherwise, on the amountand kind of support provided.