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Contract Highlights > Term - Pg. 233

Licensing 233 · Depending on the licensor's involvement with the negotiation, administration, and financing of the series, an Executive Producer credit for an individual may be appropriate. Note TIP Consider capping distribution fees if theproduction will be distributed throughan entity related to the distributor. · An authorship credit such as "Based on the video game by [Developer]" or "Based on characters created by [Author]." · A service credit like "Creative Consultant" for the property's creator if she is involved with the production. Note NOTE "Executive Producer" does not connoteany particular duties--it often resembles a ne- gotiated fee for parties involvedwith the series. Watch the credits onthe Sopranos and you'll notice thatthere are around 50 executive producers and co-executive producers. · The licensor should receive a full screen credit at the end of every episode with its logo (and up to a two-second animation). · Merchandise and Toy Sharing. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the parties financing the production--which usually includes the producer--will most likely receive a share of the licensor's income from worldwide toy and merchandising royalties. Note that it may be appro- priate to give the financiers a lower share of international royalties because that income comes to the licensor drastically reduced already, due to higher commissions and cost of doing business abroad. Two important terms of sharing merchandise and toy royalties are the definition of "net"