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Contract Highlights > Other Terms - Pg. 236

Licensing Other Terms 236 · Approvals. The author will want consultation and/or approval rights to the creative elements of licensed productions. Some authors will want business-related input; some won't. If the devel- oper grants any kind of approval right, it is vital that the author have a short number of days to approve or disapprove the submission by fax or e-mail, with no reply being considered assent. · Credits. The author should receive some kind of on-screen credit, and may negotiate for higher profile credits (for example, on the box or in the title). · IP Ownership, Registration and Enforcement. Depending on the relative leverage of the parties, a developer may try to acquire outright ownership of any products and additions to the property it produces under license. As the party with more money at stake, the developer will probably want to control the registration and enforcement processes and deduct these expenses from gross income before sharing with the author.