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Clauses Added to Most Long Form Contract... > Governing Law and Dispute Resolution - Pg. 204

The Publishing Contract 204 The publisher will indemnify you from any action or inaction by the publisher or its sublicensees, agents, subsidiaries, joint venturers, partners, and so forth deemed to infringe or harm a third party's rights or cause any damage to any third party. Accounting Game royalties are usually accounted for quarterly. The publisher will deliver a statement and any royalties due within 45 days of the end of the calendar period. For entertainment/third-party receipts, the publisher should remit payment to you within 45 days of its receipt of such monies. Note TIP Try to institute a penalty for latedelivery of royalty statements orlate payment of royalties. Audits Audit rights give you the ability to hire someone to examine the financial records of the publisher to be sure you are receiving accurate royalties. Giving your audit provisions teeth is a good way to encourage careful bookkeeping. Standard provisions are · You have the right to audit the publisher's books during normal business hours at the publisher's place of business with reasonable notice once every two years. Statements are deemed closed (can no longer be audited) after two years. · You pay the cost of the auditor (though not for any time spent by the publisher's personnel) unless a discrepancy of 5 percent or greater is discovered, in which case the publisher should pay for the audit. Any monies found owing will be paid with interest at prime plus 2 percent from