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Chapter 6. The Publishing Contract > Tips for Reading and Negotiatinga Contract - Pg. 176

The Publishing Contract 176 · It avoids the risk (and diminished negotiating position) of fronting money and devoting team resources to the project before a contract is in place. · By vetting most of the "deal-breaker" issues early on, a short form helps avoid the unhappy situation of beginning work only to have the deal fall apart. Tips for Reading and Negotiatinga Contract · · · · · · · Hire an experienced lawyer. Know the basics of contract structure. Read the contract. All of it. Itemize every point that needs discussion before you begin negotiations. Size up the publisher. Talk about the project's needs, not your needs. Maintain parity. Hire an Experienced Lawyer The lawyer you hire to negotiate your contract should be someone with game industry experience negotiating this kind of contract on behalf of developers. These are highly specific, complex con- tracts, and having your general business lawyer, or your cousin-who's-a-lawyer, read and negotiate your contract can be like asking a heart surgeon to operate on your brain. Aside from knowing the ins and outs of the contracts, an experienced attorney will have relationships with the counterpar- ties (see definition in the next paragraph) and an idea of what you can and can't ask for from a given publisher(royalty rates, term, net sales definitions, etc.).