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Chapter 6. The Publishing Contract - Pg. 173

173 Chapter 6. The Publishing Contract The Publishing Contract in Action Dana has been pounding the pavement at conferences and trade shows since March, meetingwith publishing-side producers from her days at Defunct as well as anyone else she thinksmight be able to help Double D. The pitches go well; everyone seems comfortable knowing thatthe team has worked together before and has shipped product together. The prototype crashestwice, but the publishing executives don't seem to mind. They are very appreciative of her,game sell sheet and "business plan," and more than one product development staffer told her"Wow. This makes my life a lot easier." Pending due diligence examination, Double D ends upwith three indications of interest: 1. Publisher A likes the property and has confidence in the team's ability to execute, offeringthe full budgeted amount but insisting on outright ownership of the intellectual property forthe content. Publisher B is impressed by the prototype and the team and wants to hire Double D im- mediately to develop a reasonably interesting license that B has recently acquired. 2.